wedding Speeches

Making a speech at a wedding can be a truly daunting task, you want your speech to be remembered for all the right reasons but you worry it may be remembered for all the wrong ones.

You spend a great deal of time and effort on writing a great speech, you may even seek professional help from a speechwriter, but what good is a great speech if no-one hears it, or you are so full of nerves that you stumble and stutter your way through it.

Perhaps you think a few glasses of wine might help, or not rehearsing will give you a sense of spontaneity. Is this how you would approach an important presentation at work? Is this the way you would clinch a million dollar deal or that all important job interview?

Then why not give yourself the best opportunity you can to deliver your speech with confidence and style. After all you are probably standing in front of the most important audience of your life, you family and friends, wouldn't you want to make the people that matter the most, the most proud of what you have done.

I can work with you to develop your confidence and hone your public speaking skills. I can teach you -
  • How to relax.
  • How to deal with your nerves.
  • How to find and develop your voice.
  • How to develop and work with your physicality.
  • How to develop a sense of ease whilst being observed.
  • How to connect effectively with the words and be clear and engaging.
  • How to connect truthfully and in an engaging way with your audience.
  • How to develop 'stage presence' and use appropriate 'energy' for the space
  • How to develop your own 'style' and bring out the best in yourself as a presenter.
  • How to feel the 'fear' but be confident of your skills, tools and preparation so as to embrace and enjoy presenting to a group.
One to one tuition takes place in professional rehearsal studios in either Brighton or Hove and space hire is include in the fees.