Would you like an Acting / Drama workshop for your school, college or theatre group? Daniel is a highly experienced workshop leader who has successfully lead more than 1000 students through workshops. Daniel can deliver a range of workshops or develop a bespoke workshop to best suit your needs. Workshops range from basic introductions to Acting and Drama to developing a deeper understanding of Acting Techniques through the work of practitioners such as Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov.

Possible workshops are:

Stagecraft and Contemporary Performance Practice

This workshop will look at developing and honing stagecraft and presentation skills and address issues of good performance practice through the practical and theoretical exploration of modern theatre practitioners from Stanislavsky, Brecht and Copeau to Grotowski, Brook and Boal. The work will take the form of practical games and exercises to develop student's abilities to work effectively both individually and as part of a group, and thus develop a sense of ensemble. The workshop will allow students to begin to move and work practically and productively on stage.

Improvisation and Imagination

This workshop will explore the use and development of creativity and imagination in rehearsal and performance. Through games and exercises the students will focus on story telling and the creation of narrative to develop a heightened sense of play and spontaneity. This workshop will also explore various strategies for the creation of group-devised work, as well as examining social interaction and problem solving through role-play.

Character and Text

This workshop will explore the nature of Character - motivation, intention, emotion, inner and outer impulses and intuition - and its development in relation to dramatic text. Through the practical examination of differing theatrical styles and idioms students will be able to focus on how performers are able to infuse life and meaning into words that are first encountered on the printed page.